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Handmade confectionery using recipes and techniques passed down generations

Crafted Magic since 1919…

James Issac Price

1919 – 2004

Our Recipes have been passed down through generations, My grandfather was a pastry chef in Hotels in Cardiff, When the War broke out in 1939 he signed up to the RAF as a chef. 

During his time in the RAF he travelled to Burma and india learning how to make the local delicasssys the authentic way, He was also sent to Cyprus where we picked up his turkish delight recipe using the authentic methods and to Paris learnign how to make Petit Fours writing it all down in a little recipe book he would carry. 

Granddad Price also had a special Christmas making his goodies and would start in October making his treasured Turkish delight which we would hid away in Biscuit tins keeping it all for himself!

I never really knew my Grandfather as he sadly passed away when I was young but I had heard of the fond memories shared by the family and especially the goodies he would make for Christmas so I set out to find this treasured recipe book and started making the closly guarded goodies. 

Eventually I managed to find this book hidden away in a small box and then took on the daunting task of deciphering the writing, After many failed attempts and working out that 1 standard egg is a medium egg We managed to craft his recipes in a way he would be proud of! 

We now bring these great flavours to you via events and Markets, If you are in Cardiff pop along to our shop and sample the great range we’ve managed to create from his base recipes, We’ve even made the Turkish delight Vegan and its mouth watering.

– Jeff Barry


Our Promise to You

If you can’t find it in our kitchen you won’t find it in our confectionery


100% Natural

We only use the most natural ingredients in our products and we use the best extracts and not flavouring.


Locally Sourced

We try to source as many products locally as possible to give our confectionery a welsh flavour.


High Quality

We only sell the best product and if we would not give it to our family then we won’t give it to you.


Always Fresh

We make all our our confectionery in Micro batches so it’s always fresh when it gets to you.

Monthly Sweet Box

A Monthly box of Goodies Delivered Direct to your Door.


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